About Us

Working Together for a healthier Africa

We advocate for joint efforts, partnerships, dialogues and multi-sector alliances whilst carefully selecting our technical partners to deliver on results.

At ABCHealth, we operate within an environment of reliability, resilience, and pessimism, lending the dynamism and sharpness of our result-orientedness as businesses and corporates to a frail African healthcare system for tangible improvements, measurable impact and sustainable growth.

Our Driving Force

We are driven by the leadership, reputation and experience of our Co-founder, The Aliko Dangote Foundation (ADF); and the reputation and global reach of the Global Business Coalition for Health (GBCHealth, New York) in the health development space, we drive alliances that develop, deploy and scale impactful health programmes and interventions on a sub-region and country by country basis across Africa, fact-finding and researching to establish disease burdens and local needs in order to customize solutions, deepen knowledge, build evidence for future investment and strengthen coordination among African governments, business leaders and healthcare networks with our technical partners.

Our Vision

To be the go-to partner for businesses seeking to further Africa’s prosperity through tangible health goals for generations to come.

Our Mission

Connect African businesses with their communities to access quality healthcare and create prosperity through collaboration which actions meaningful change for individuals, businesses and economies.

Our Values

The African Business Coalition for Health is guided by our Values under four drivers: (A.B.C.H.):

Action-Oriented: We approach business and people objectives with real, tangible results that transcends ‘words’ .

Business-Centric: Our belief that business is a powerful and the primary partner to create the real impact sought.

Collaborative: Our trust that collaboration and partnerships between businesses, government and as critical healthcare stakeholders across Africa will deliver exponential results.

Holistic: “Our conviction that health is everything.”

Partnering for better

At ABCHealth, we incubate partnerships on priority health issues and then build, strengthen and expand these partnerships to broker meaningful multi-stakeholder coalitions and alliances in African countries.

We leverage and pool resources, capacities, technology and data on Health and healthcare mobilizing and channeling our pool to foster collaborations within Africa’s private sector, governments, businesses and philanthropists with one key objective in mind - to improve health outcomes across the continent.

As part of our mandate for the next three years, we will:

Leading financial institution, Access Bank, is our main supporter being pioneer member of the coalition.

Our Services