Knowledge Hub

ABCHealth’s Knowledge Hub offers unique knowledge and information pertaining to health-related information, data, programmes and opportunities that promotes health and healthcare development in Africa.


Access relevant publications, journals and research papers relevant to health in Africa and keep abreast of the latest innovations and initiatives across the continent.


ABCHealth, through its partners, releases regular data tracking health and healthcare trends across Africa and also supports countries’ health information systems in data collection, evaluation and reporting.


Analysis that will help investors, businesses and the government have perspectives and conversations that will lead to transformation in the healthcare sector.

Health Investment Opportunities (Members)

Closing the knowledge gap between the finance sector and the health sector is key in highlighting the opportunities and attracting the right investments that exist in Africa’s health market.

Public-Private Partnership (Members)

Africa’s healthcare success stories as governments and businesses work together to bring cohesion into the continent’s health value chain.

Programmes Opportunities (Members)

Learn more about the Coalition’s programmes and find out how your organisation can participate, benefit and impact on Africa’s health and healthcare industry.