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Okhma Global and the African Business Coalition for Health (ABCHealth) have signed a partnership to develop the Made to Live Africa Expo 2023 which will be jointly executed. This was made known at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding which took place in Lagos, Nigeria on Monday, May 2023.

This partnership is premised on the belief that Africans have the right to good health and wellbeing; and that Africans can indeed live healthy lives. These rights are firmly embedded in the visions of both organisations and as such, have come together to effectively promote the goals and objectives of this foremost health, wellness and fitness event aimed at facilitating and improving healthy living.

The Expo is specifically designed to bridge the information gaps for healthy living, this platform is passionate to Inform, Educate and Activate by promoting the UNs SDG 3- working to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Made to Live Africa Expo is a health, wellness and Fitness expo that will bring medical practitioners, hospital representatives, wellness experts, nutrition experts, health entrepreneurs, health influencers, fitness experts, and corporate individual. It will also feature natural food experts, food retail, farmers, Environmental Experts, Therapist, wellbeing and lifestyle businesses and members of the public together for three days, to educate, engage and inspire each other on living well and making healthy choices. The project is poised to address the need to create a new orientation and perception of health. The expo is set to have various segments that leave attendees with various options that are both educative and inspiring; from the seven districts- Medlive(Medical), Fitness district, Therapy center, food for life, Spaland,  lifestyle corner and wellness zone, to the Conference & Masterclass Segments to the fitness festival. We have carefully designed this expo to reflect every aspect of health and Holistic healthy living,

In these divisions, we aim to ensure all aspects of health is exposed and understood. Our theme for the EXPO is investing in a healthier you.

— Mary Ephraim-Egbas (CEO Okhma Global).


Statement from ABCHealth

 Achieving Universal health coverage in Africa is not a myth, it is a possibility for a continent ranking as the highest disease burden bearers in the world with an overstretched health system.  Approaching the issue of health differently is pertinent and expedient for Africa’s Health and this is what the ‘Made to Live Africa Expo’ is all about. 

ABCHealth has, over the years and through its Founders – Alhaji Aliko Dangote and Aigboje-Aig Imoukhuede, stressed the link between a healthy population and economic security. Multiple research shows that focus has been on communicable diseases leaving the continent-wide open to the specter of non-communicable diseases, a reality that gets pronounced more now than ever – amongst Africa’s workforce.  Cardiovascular-related diseases are one of the largest contributors to the continent’s total death burden and studies have it that since 2019, this disease burden has been and remains the leading cause of death. Without doubt a major component of Africa’s disease burden can be combatted through preventive medicine and a radical change in lifestyle – a personal responsibility for everyone.

Through partnerships and collaborations, like this one between the Coalition and Okhma Global, ABCHealth continues to lead actions designed to impact positively on Africa’s health, its healthcare industry and the economy at large by engaging every stakeholder in the continent’s public and private sectors – governments, businesses, health professionals, development institutions, philanthropists and other critical players including the average individual – with one focus which is to coalesce resources in order to ensure improved health outcomes across the continent.

 – Dr, Mories Atoki (CEO, ABCHealth).


Made to Live Africa Expo holds at the Livespot Event center in Lagos in November 2023. 



 About Okhma 

Since 2010 we have started providing turn-key marketing solutions. We have spent years investigating & isolating business bottlenecks. since then, we’ve expanded our service base with problem-solving to drive what we do. Okhma specializes in instantly connecting the market by using data, analytics, trends, and events to generate new strategic approaches & iterative processes for businesses to see the growth it deserves finally.



About ABC Health

The African Business Coalition for Health (ABCHealth) was established as a regional private sector-coalition in recognition of the fact that developing a well-functioning healthcare sector in Africa is a challenge that no single government or organization can solve alone. Creating lasting impact requires collaboration between a range of stakeholders in the public and private sectors, who are committed to developing the right mechanisms to promote accountability, coordination, risk sharing, expertise and disseminate learning.

ABCHealth aims to mobilize private sector interests as well as mobilize resources and capabilities to collectively address the healthcare challenge of the African continent. The coalition unlocks synergies to help companies and their leadership contribute impactfully to meeting national and regional health goals in the context of SDG Agenda 2030 and Africa Agenda 2063 — ultimately improving the standard of living, quality of life, and the overall health and well-being of all Africans.


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